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tribal wolf tattoo

 Wolf tattoos are a great look but there are many different wolf tattoo designs to choose from. Which variation of this mythological beast should you get? And what do wolf tattoos mean anyway? In this article, I'll explain their meaning and then tell you about 5 different variations you can choose from for your next tattoo.

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

The wolf is a creature of great mythological status. Although it is universally feared, it is also highly respected. Man's best friend descended from wolves and, within the pack, they show great courage and loyalty - both admirable qualities despite this animal's ferocity.

Are these tattoos for women or for men? Frankly, they are not gender specific. If you like it then I say you should go for it, regardless of what some people may think. Society as a whole, however, does not really judge a tattoo of a wolf to be either male or female.

Howling Wolf Tattoos

One of the most popular wolf types of tattoo is the howling tattoo of the wolf. The wolf is featured looking up and to the left or the right in order to best project his message. In this pose, usually only the wolf's head appears in the tattoo. Sometimes though, the entire body may be present, especially if the rest of the tattoo depicts scenery or environment such as a full moon.

Wolf Tattoo - New Moon

This is a tattoo that has emerged thanks to the TV series Twilight. This tattoo is probably only for fans of the show. Even if you like it, people may assume you are a fan which could be annoying if you are not!

Anyway, the tattoo is still quite cool, nevertheless. It looks like a tribal style drawing in black ink. The wolf is enclosed in a circle and, at first glance, most people do not even notice it!

Wolf Tattoos - Tribal

There are many tribal variations of wolf inkwork that you can get done. They are popular with both men and women. For women especially who do not want the usual fierce look of a wolf tattoo, the tribal version is a good choice.

The tribal versions of a this tattoo type come in many different poses. Some show the wolf in its typical howling headshot but others show the wolf in action, leaping, running or fighting. In my experience, there are many more tribal variations than non-tribal ones.

Celtic Wolf Tattoos

These are quite hard to come across. If you want a tat in this style and you are not willing to compromise then I recommend finding a good artist with plenty of experience doing tattoos in the Celtic style. You should also consider tribal styles because there is not much of a difference.

Werewolf Tattoos

These tattoos have a totally different meaning to most tattoos of wolves. The werewolf represents the biological connection between man and wolf. You will find it very hard to find any tattoo flash for this type of wolf because not many people desire such a tattoo. You are better off finding a really good artist and showing him or her some pictures and together deciding the best direction to go with your tattoo.

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